I bought my first camera, a Nikon FM2, when I was 15. At first to merely portray my friend, many of them artists and musicians. What started as the desire to capture the moment soon turned into more. A dream that brought me from my home southern Spain all the way to London where I started studying in 1994 at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Over the next 5 years, I participated in various exhibitions and was chosen to represent London at the Bandits Mages Festival in Bourges, France. I also assisted various photographers such as Paul Trucot and Candice. Inspired by Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin, I used my work to creatively question the notions of how we look at others, how we look at each other, and – most importantly – how how we look at ourselves. The body of work consisted of a series of self-portraits through mirrors, and through other people’s eyes. I also produced various installations. In 1999, I graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA Hons in Combined Media.
    Once finished my degree, I had the chance to broaden my horizon in various fields related to the image – moving and still – by assisting the producers of media-enhanced music events as well as various photographers on photographic safaris through Kenya, Tanzania and Brazil, gaining post-production experience at a media company and finally becoming a photography tutor at Zoom In (a charity-based extra-curricular school for children in need). I also spent much of my time travelling, especially in Africa, a continent for which I feel a great passion and which I try to visit whenever I can. With time and travel, my work also changed. I started concentrating on capturing the darkness of the night, life after sunset, the Saharan wind and the silence that has so much to say. During this time, I created the body of work “Fragments of Light and Penunbra”, that also incorporates photographs taken in Africa and Brazil.
    After having spent a decade in London, I decided to return to Spain to find new inspiration. Since living in Barcelona, I have published in various magazines such as Suite, La fotografia and Metal Magazine, which has in turn had a noticeable effect on my work. I focus my work on another passion of mine this city has to offer: a real and unadorned look at the music scene. After years of having portrayed musicians, the relationships we have enable me to capture them in a way that seems pure, raw and sometimes even intimate. When photographing at night, I love the dim light, the contrasts that emerge and the way black and white photography has an even more dramatic effect and is so much more expressive. My love for night photography in all its facets has lead me to now specialize in portraits, landscapes and the music scene.






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