Pure contradiction, equality and disparity between two equal and opposite worlds Senagal & Brazil.

    Senegal, a country that collapses without its people realizes. One imagines that during the day Senegal has been through a war of self destruction. The night hides the rubble, poverty and dry desert surrounding cities. The night intrigues me; the stars dazzle colonial houses, with its huge wooden doors that enclose the unknown. Palm trees move to the wind coming from Mauritania Sahara.

    Brazil, a huge country where one imagines there is over population and instead I find myself in the desert surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Solitary dunes with the occasional palm tree in the middle of nowhere, some oasis, some animal trying to survive. At sunset the dunes have their own language, recorded in the fine sand ripples, move as sirens and mystery surrounds me and I am caught ...

    I feel safe in the warm night, carrying the tripod and camera. The kids surround me with curious eyes wondering how can one take pictures of the night ...

bianca de vilar ©

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